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Deliciousness Coaching:

A journey of rediscovering deliciousness.

Which is more delicious to you?




Is it the gummy bears?

Image by Amit Lahav
If so, that's because your desire system is being tricked. With these gummy bears, the colors and flavors come from artificial sources. This means that what makes them attractive has nothing to do with the nutrition they provide. 
If so, your desire system is working well. What's different about these berries is that the flavors and colors mean something. The bright colors come from antioxidants. The flavors come from micronutrients. 

Or are the berries more delicious to you? 

Health Coaching Illustrations-05.png
The difference isn't willpower. The difference is which foods you spend your time thinking about.

The difference between an Unhealthy diet and a Healthy one

Boy Biting Into Apple-01.jpg

What if eating a healthy diet could be this easy?

How we help you get there:

Your senses provide you with information about the foods you eat. Neuroanatomically this information feeds directly into your desire system.
Reconnect Deliciousness and Desire 3-08.



We teach you the science behind how to use your senses to discover the nutrition in your food. This will allow you to reconnect deliciousness and nutrition.

Deliciousness Coaching

The Results of Deliciousness Coaching

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Changing where you get your pleasure from will change what foods you think about. No willpower required.

Start understanding nutrition by rediscovering Deliciousness.


Put dieting behind you.


Free Information Session

 Deliciousness Coaching: 

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Wednesday, January 13

7:00PM (MST) 

Do you have any questions about the science behind deliciousness and nutrition?

No Credit Card Required.

We Love    answering questions.

(We really do!)

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