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Does your Desire system lead you to unhealthy things?

If so, that's challenging. This is because your desire system has a unique power: it focuses your attention on anything that releases dopamine. If that happens to be something like cigarettes, that causes problems.  

The same power of Desire

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The good news: hanging out with a loved one, eating healthy food, and any task important for survival also releases dopamine. In fact, everything that is healthy also releases dopamine. 

The difference between an Unhealthy and a Healthy Lifestyle 

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The difference isn't willpower. The difference is where you get your dopamine from. Or, in more concrete terms, the difference is what you spend your time focusing on and thinking about. 

- Our Approach -

Living a Healthy Lifestyle Doesn't Have to Be Hard 

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In fact, it can be as easy as hanging out with people you like, eating delicious food, and engaging in meaningful activity.  

Health Coaching

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We teach you how to retrain your desire. 

The Results of Retraining Your Desire

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You spend more of your time focusing on what is important to you. No willpower required.










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Does Your Desire Lead You to Health?


Retraining Your Desire is a Click Away. 

No Credit Card Required!

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